ETC Medical Suite

The easiest to use, medical billing, and health record software.

ETC Medical Suite has been designed from the ground up to be the fastest, easiest to use, and the only portable medical billing software. Leveraging cloud technology allows for easy multi-biller access without needing to set up a server onsite. Our cloud technology allows you to work anywhere without remoting in or other complicated procedures. So wether you are working at other offices, or the beach ETC Medical Suite has you covered. Get set up in under 5 minutes, and master Elite Biller in under an hour. No software comes close to Elite Biller’s ease of use and intuitiveness.

Oh and it runs on your iPhone and iPad

Notable Features:



Efficiently designed software ensures to improve the speed of your practice management. Our average user saw a 86.2% reduction in time for claim creation.

The average claim can be created in less than 30 seconds

The average SOAP note can be created in a minute

Time is money, stop wasting it on antiquated software.



Our software was build and designed from the ground up for the iPad & iPhone utilizing the latest frameworks. Our cloud platform enables you to bring your practice anywhere with the highest levels of data security.

Our app is first and only one that can bill, generate notes, and manage your inventory on the App Store. Period.



Our software was designed so that anyone can pick it up and begin billing within 5 minutes. You do not need an engineer to teach you, everything is laid out in an intelligent and intuitive manner. We do not charge obscene set up and training fees.

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